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My name is Iquo (pronouced Equa) I like a lot of things. I've taken a liking to fashion I love photography & Music is my passion. I'm a recent graduate. I studied Music-Vocal Performance in China for 4 years. I am currently a Voice & Piano teacher but I am an aspiring singer & musician & songwriter. I am currently writing music and hope to have it produced and blasting through your headphones & stereos one day. I blog and reblog inspirational pictures. I also have personal posts as well. Expect pictures, videos & music from all walks of life! Enjoy ^.^ xoxo

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008 | 4:02 PM | 0 comments
So today was a pretty good day. Leslie and I went shopping and David came with us. And we both got our nails done. I got a french manicure. But it includes glitter and heart studs on my nails. 

这是只20元。很便宜!我很高兴因为我真的要这个。所以今天我买东西。我买一杯子和一本书。我们买东西。Leslie 买衣服。然后我们去武汉大学了。我们看 Joshua. 我们说他你干么?他说我到了所以现在我不干我们问他,你要看我们的新的家吗?他说我要所以我们一起去了我们的新的家。他看我们的家。他说很好看!我喜欢你们的家因为在这里是安静!在武大不安静!” LOL! 他看,然后我们一起玩儿。我们见面我们的朋友。我们去archade! 真的很好!我真的喜欢!然后我们一起去吃饭了在 McDonalds. 着好吃。我们都说一会儿。很好时间

星期天我朋友,Ronnie, 回去美国。所以明天我们见面。我们一起玩儿。明天我要买DVDs。明天我见面David 在武大。然后我见面 Ronnie. 我们一起买DVDs. 然后 Allen 和他的女朋友来我们的家。我们一起做饭美国的pancakes. 明天是很忙。现在我困所以我去我的张床。我写汉字!啊!我忘了。今天我说了跟男的人。10分钟我们说一说。我很高兴因为我们说长时间。谢谢爸爸!我很高兴。我去了。晚安。。。不是,早好!LOL! 明天我们写!