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You Know You Love Me (你知道你爱我) XOXO ♥ Gossip Girl ♥
Wednesday, January 14, 2009 | 1:33 PM | 0 comments

It's been a long time....I should'nt of left you...Without a dope beat to step to....LOL! Oh Aaliyah R.I.P.

But seriously, sorry I haven't blogged in so long guys.

I know you missed me ^_^

I dont know what you heard but Gossip Girl is the stuff right now!

I must say I am obsessed!

It IS my guilty pleasure!

I always said I would never watch it, but............

I bought the first season maybe a couple of months ago. About two months ago.

And I finally watched it about a month ago, and.........


No seriously it is like the best show EVER!

I watched the first season. And it was amazing!! Georgina got on my LAST nerve! I had to stop watchin' it for a minute cuz it was TOO MUCH for me! She was seriously outta control!

But I finished Season 1

And I started Season 2 about 2 weeks ago

I thought the first season was great....

The second season is just rockin' my world!!!!!!

Leslie and I watched episode after episode!

And we just couldnt STOP!!!!

There is just so much drama in this one little TV show


Serena, Dan, Blair, Chuck, Nate, Vanessa, Jenny, Eric, Lily, Rufus, Bart, Blair's minions, Blair's mom, they are all just in this pitt of pure drama. And I love it! I have been sucked into this show seriously.

I don't care too much, but yet I do care too much that there is sex and drugs every so often in the show. But honestly people are doing these things these days. I don't agree with that behavior but at least the show is basically depicting what some people of the world do on a regular basis.

I'm not saying everybody does it and that Gossip Girl is an example of how everyone in Teenage America acts because it's not. But people do do bad things. But I don't think 11 or 12 year olds should be watching this show. Even 13 year olds. Because I know that they are gonna want to be doing exactly what they see on TV. Exactly what Serena or Blair is doing. I'm gonna stop because this is gonna get into how the media has brain washed kids and everybody to make them believe that doing these things are ok but not really showing the true consequences. Yeah there are consequences in this show but it's a show and everything has to end up alright, right? But in reality that doesn't always happen.

Ok I'm getting too carried away here. I'll have to save that subject for another day.

But back to me loving Gossip Girl!

I love Chuck BTW ♥ ♥ ♥

Actually I'm mad at him right now because he's stupid

But overall I love him!

He is a hoe! But I love him!

He's intriguing and I like that! LOL!

I won't give away too many details because maybe you haven't seen it yet

But I'm telling u I like the show and if you're older that 14, I'd say watch it! It's a good show to get caught up in!

I know I clearly am!

It sucks because now I have to wait for the next episode like everybody else!

I said I was gonna wait a few weeks and watch the next 4 episodes but that SO did NOT happen! LOL!

I'm clearly GG obsessed! ^_^

But it's cool because times are slow here now that school is out! I have to find something to do!

Well Loves, I must sign out now! I have to wake up in about 2 and a half hours and teach little 7 and 8 years olds. Pray for me!

I'm slow because I should have been in bed a long time ago!

Love you!

XOXO Iquo ♥

I remember these advertisements this summer! I saw them downtown and I shook my head cuz I was like "I refuse to watch GG!" But now I find them hilarious! They used bad reviews about GG to promote the 2nd season! Genius!

Ugh!!! I love him! He is so my crush right now! LOL! Chuck IS so very bad for you!!!!!!! ^_^

Sorry I find this utterly hilarious! LOL! And on that note Im out! Peace!