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My name is Iquo (pronouced Equa) I like a lot of things. I've taken a liking to fashion I love photography & Music is my passion. I'm a recent graduate. I studied Music-Vocal Performance in China for 4 years. I am currently a Voice & Piano teacher but I am an aspiring singer & musician & songwriter. I am currently writing music and hope to have it produced and blasting through your headphones & stereos one day. I blog and reblog inspirational pictures. I also have personal posts as well. Expect pictures, videos & music from all walks of life! Enjoy ^.^ xoxo

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Well then.....Fashion it is!
Sunday, February 19, 2012 | 2:58 AM | 1 comments
So I've decided that I'm gonna be like everyone else and try this whole fashion blog thing and see what becomes of it. I have a LOT of clothes and I must say my sense of fashion has gotten a lot better over the years so....I'm gonna try this. I'm gonna try to post at least one or two outfits per week, give some pointers and tips to those of you who can't afford to be big spenders (I am included in this group) and see what comes of it. I might not get feedback or I might get buttloads...WHO KNOWS?! Personally I'm doing this for the fun of it but if it can help people too, well then that's just awesome! So fashion it is!

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